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Aldebaran Eg Crossword Answers to all crossword clues. The Crossword puzzles are a hit among people. I’m here to help you solve the possible solutions and walkthrough guide to help you complete these tricky crossword games. Do you have the Aldebaran Eg Crossword Clue and need help solving it? You’ve come to the right place.

The Answers below we’ll feature all the possible combinations to help you complete and move on to the next level of the crossword game. We cover crosswords from American style, British style, general knowledge and cryptic puzzles.

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Aldebaran Eg Crossword Answers Clue

STAR Eg, Rigel, Aldebaran
RED GIANTS Aldebaran and Arcturus
K STAR Aldebaran or Arcturus
GIANT STAR Arcturus, Aldebaran, or Bellatrix
K STARS Pollux and Aldebaran
RED GIANT Large luminous star such as Aldebaran
CANDELABRA Primary constellation with Aldebaran producing light source (10)
EPONA A deity from Aldebaran opening up (5)
USER Beta tester, eg.
TOOTHPASTE Close-Up, eg.
S S T Concorde, eg.
U A R Eg. and Syr., once
I S R Neighbor of Eg.
FOSSIL FUEL Coal, eg (6,4)
AMMUNITION Bullets, eg (10)
TOPPING Sauce, eg (7)
FOOTBALLER Centre half, eg (10)
PASTA Spaghetti, eg (5)
AMMO Bullets, eg (4)
CRUSTACEAN Lobster, eg (10)

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