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Best Seed for Minecraft PE 2022

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Are you looking for the best seed for Minecraft PE? We’re bringing you a fresh list of insanely awesome Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds that will truly take your breath away. These Best Seeds for Minecraft PE will work on both the Android/iOS and Window’s version of the game including Xbox, not the Java edition.

You may’ve played Minecraft on your PC and found some seeds of world’s that you would love to bring to your Minecraft bedrock edition. However you quickly learned that the world generation between the two are vastly different.

We’re bringing you a fresh list of the best seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition 2022. These will work in any year, If you’re reading this in the future of course.


    Simply create a new world using one of the unique seed codes below by clicking 'Create new world' and then input the seed into the 'seed code' spot and click 'Generate World'.

Are you now ready to find out the best seeds in Minecraft Bedrock edition? Tell us which one was your favourite in the comment section below.

Lava Cliff Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Lava Cliff Seed

Seed: 98450566

This seed features a rather attractive looking lava waterfall.

Mountain Village Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Mountain Village Seed
Minecraft Mountain Village Seed

Seed: 50975

Most villages that are generated in Minecraft are almost perfect, however this one is built on the side of a mountain which will make a unique place to set up shop.

Woodland Mansion Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seed
Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seed

Seed: -396676922

This seed offers well.. A nice mansion to enjoy. With a village nearby to help you with all your essentials.

City Minecraft Seed

Minecraft city seed
Minecraft city seed

Seed: 1388582293

Ever felt that finding one village was tough? Why not just generate a world that features a city of villages. This one features a ton of gardens, houses and churches.

Desert Temple Loot Seed

Desert Temple Loot Seed
Desert Temple Loot Seed

Seed: -1115237354

This seed does require you to travel a short distance however it’s worth it with the four chests with a myriad of great loot which include gunpowder and gold ingots.

Underwater Shipwreck Seed

Underwater shipwreck minecraft seed
Underwater shipwreck minecraft seed

Seed: 1193133207

Just off the spawn locations shore, Underwater you’ll find a shipwreck filled with plenty of buried treasure, and even a treasure map.

Village Island Seed

Village Island Minecraft Seed
Village Island Minecraft Seed

Seed: 26248

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Mushroom Madness Seed

Minecraft Mushroom Madness Seed
Minecraft Mushroom Madness Seed


That’s our list of ‘Best Seed for Minecraft PE 2022’ what did you think of our Minecraft PE seed list? Do you think we should’ve added one of your favourite one’s? Tell us a seed you’ve discovered below.

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