Blackbox Full Game Walkthrough All Levels

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Blackbox Walkthrough Full Game Answers All Levels. Struggling to finish this fun trivia game by Grow Pixel? Download the game from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and start having fun while learning a thing or to. Blackbox Walkthrough to the full game is a great way to finish this easy but fun game.

They say millions start this game but not many finish it, Using our walkthrough game guide you’ll be one of the few that actually finish it. This game will get you thinking outside the box, Blackbox’s puzzles you’ll need to find solitude and stillness, climb mountains, call on friends, get in tune with the cosmos, and think outside the box.

Blackbox Full Game Walkthrough

Six red boxes (numbers 1-6):

1-4: Rotate your device until the first four red boxes light up. Line up the red liquid with the lines that will appear.

5: Place the device on a flat surface in order to align the two circles with each other.

6: The same method as level 5, but instead the screen should be placed down.

Two yellow boxes (7-8):

7: Reduce the screen brightness till the end.

8: Increase the screen brightness to the maximum.

Four orange boxes (9-12):

9: Mute the device to light up the first one. If you have a newer device, just use the sleep button.

10: Raise the volume to the maximum.

11: Drop the volume to the minimum.

12: Plug headphones to light up the bottom left box. If you have a newer device without an headphone jack, use the lightning adapter or the wireless headphones instead.

Light teal blue box (13):

13: Turn on Airplane mode and switch off the Wifi.

Light purple box (14):

14: Take a screenshot.

Two green boxes (15-16):

15-16: Open this box once every hour of the day to complete all the 12 sections. Each box stands for 12 hours. Select whichever of the two green boxes to open and complete the turns. As you’ve lighted up the first box, the second one will light up itself as well.

Three light green boxes (17-19):

17: This box will light up as soon as your device’s battery percentage will be at 100%.

18: Plug your device into a charger and this box will light up promptly.

19: This box will light up as soon as you’ll receive the ‘Low Battery’ notification, just as battery percentage goes lower than 20%.

Three light blue boxes (20-22):

20: This box will light up whenever the device listens no more sounds, and is rather in total silence.

21-22: Create a lot of noisy sounds to make these two boxes light up.

Level 23/ Orange box:

23: Put your finger over the camera of your device making the screen turn off for 10-20 sec and then move away your finger.

Levels 24-25/ Two pink boxes:

24-25: These levels are completed according to the actual moon phase. More precisely, these boxes will be ignited during a full moon and a new moon. You can even adjust the date in order before you’ve entered the game, to just light up the boxes instantly.

Level 26:

26: Cite clearly “Blackbox” or “Hey Blackbox” nearby your device’s microphone. If it doesn’t work at first, minimize the game and then go back to try again.

Level 27:

27: Shake your device until an “Undo” pop-up is displayed. Select ‘Undo text’ and the box will light up.

Levels 28-30/ Three pink boxes:

28-30: These levels will be sorted out according the Sun cycle. Specifically, the time of sunrise will light up the first box, solar noon the second one, and the sunset will light up the third. You can even get the exact time of each after your exact location and change the time in your device’s settings.

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