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Breed of Toy Dog Crossword Answers

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Breed of Toy Dog Crossword Answers Clue

MALTESE Breed of toy dog
POMERANIAN Breed of toy dog
PEKINGESE Ancient breed of toy dog originating in China
PEKE Breed of toy dog (coll)
CAVALIER – King Charles spaniel; breed of toy dog commonly with a Blenheim and white coat but also black and tan or ruby (8)
YAP Bit of toy dog chatter
TEACUP Crockery item paired with a saucer; or, a word used to describe any one of the smallest types of toy dogs (6)
TEN A PENNY Two girls after original of toy of little value
MINUS Take away copper and half of lead from rear of toy? (5)
CAP Bit of toy ammo
TOM Hanks, a voice of “Toy Story”
TONKA Hasbro line of toy trucks
PUSH PULL Kind of toy
LEGO Maker of toy building-blocks
MODELIST Maker of toy planes
F A O Schwarz of toy fame
WIL Wheaton of “Toy Soldiers”
TERRIER Type of toy
POGO __ stick (type of toy)
L T Y R S Buzz of “Toy Story” (1995), et al.

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