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Crossword Pie Level 500 Answers

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Crossword Pie Level 500 Answers and Crossword Pie Solutions as we bring you the full walkthrough game guide to solving Crossword Pie. Created by Legenbeary Games for both iOS and Android devices. This word puzzle game comes as a free download for both your iDevices and Android devices. We’re here to bring you the Crossword Pie Level 500 Answers, Solutions and Cheats to Crossword Pie.

Crossword Pie is a game that reinvents the simple concept of crossword puzzles. Combining entertainment, exercise and knowledge, This game is truly for the genius among us. This game is a great for anyone needing some time away from the real world as you dive into a universe full of fun, excitement and much more. With the built in 3 minute crosswords, This will challenge your brain to something you’ve never done before. We’re solving the solutions to Crossword Pie Level 500 Answers as we bring you the full game guide and walkthrough solutions now.

Crossword Pie Level 500 Answers

*You can’t make a ____ purse out of a sow’s ear.* : SILK
The word “sonar” is an acronym for ” _____ Navigation and Ranging”. : SOUND
The national flag of Canada, also known as the maple ____ flag. : LEAF
The earliest written record in Japan, concerning Japanese mythology and history. : KOJIKI
Myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart ______ . : ATTACK
Country commonly referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”. : UGANDA
Row, row, row your ____ . : BOAT
The ____ War, also called Second Persian Gulf War. (2003 – 2011) : IRAQ

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