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Crosswords with Friends December 13 2019 Answers
Kindergartners recite them
It’s so cold in here!
Biblical ark constructor
___ worship (practice forbidden by the Ten Commandments)
Water at a French restaurant
Police ___ (yellow material surrounding a crime scene)
Term for coffee or the Indonesian island where coffee is grown
Finish first
Giants quarterback who beat Patriots QB Tom Brady in the Super Bowls of 2008 and 2012: 2 wds.
Kate Middleton’s sister
Beer belly
What can ___ to help?: 2 wds.
I claim that one!
Covertly include in an email: Abbr.
Steelers QB who beat Cowboys QB Roger Staubach in the Super Bowls of 1976 and 1979: 2 wds.
Had a meal
Baby ___ (2008 Amy Poehler comedy)
Significant time period
Soar above the ground
___ bear (plush toy)
Cowboys QB who beat Bills QB Jim Kelly in the Super Bowls of 1993 and 1994: 2 wds.
ISP acquired by Verizon in 2015
University sports organizer: Abbr.
Goes for a run around the block
Colorful fish in a pond
Pocket protector wearer stereotypically
Gemini Man actor Clive
Music genre favored by some disaffected teenagers
Run without going anywhere like a car
Hoot and holler
Tunnel-building insect
Feathery accessory for a drag queen
Maximum limit
Four-legged animal in a flock
South Pacific island nation with over 330 islands
First human in the Bible
Suddenly bright star
Informal language
Classic sitcom with a magical housewife
Forecast requiring an umbrella
Ladder step
___ Marmalade (song featured in Moulin Rouge!)
Worn-down pencils
Barbecue cooking site
I haven’t the foggiest ___!
Art student’s collected work
Company that invented the floppy disk drive in 1967
Sports ___ (undergarment for WNBA players)
Mendes who directed the upcoming movie 1917
Birthday mailing
Be dependent (on)
Computer information
Get out of my ___!
One-named New Age musician from Greece
Have fun!
You can ___ it or leave it!
Kitchen or den for example
Frosted as a cupcake
Urban who stars on Amazon’s The Boys
Have a bill to pay
Translucent toothpaste variety
Sketch show that has a Five-Timers Club for frequent hosts: Abbr.

  Crosswords with Friends December 13 2019 Answers