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Crosswords with Friends December 20 2019 Answers
Hiking trail
Snake that’s a constrictor
___ my privilege
State whose residents are called Buckeyes
Clue actress Lesley ___ Warren
___ close to call
AL East baseball team of swimming fish: 3 wds.
Actor Epps with a recurring role on This Is Us
Rival of Fiji and Poland Spring
Make a choice
This ___ funny anymore
Homophone of flew
Where a kid sits when talking to a mall Santa
AFC East football team of swimming mammals: 2 wds.
Liquid in tree trunks
Well I’ll be!
Performs for an audience
Physician informally
Hoopster’s target
Type of wrestling for heavyweights
___ waste to (ravaged)
NHL Pacific Division hockey team of swimming fowl: 2 wds.
Title for Galahad
Singer DiFranco with the 2019 memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream
Luke Skywalker’s sister
Where a farmer keeps hogs
The main color of a Coca-Cola can
Broadway award
Word that can go after melting or coffee
Exclamation that’s similar to Oho!
Actor Curry who played Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Invitation to ride a motorcycle: 2 wds.
Ali ___ (hero with a magic lamp)
Having consistently good luck: 3 wds.
___ day now (soon)
Language spoken in Milan: Abbr.
Blocks and jacks for example
Mediocre: Hyph.
Who ___ to disagree?: 2 wds.
Rodent that might scurry around subway rails
Lowers as lighting
It contains 30% of Earth’s land area
Crisp ginger cookie
Drive-up device at some banks: Abbr.
Young dog
Moisten as an old postage stamp
Initial poker payment
Attention-getting sound
Where did ___ wrong?: 2 wds.
Respond no to as an invitation
That ship ___ sailed already
Cry of frustration on The Simpsons
Compete at an auction
Bratty response
___ of length (yard or mile for example)
___ Queen of Scots (2018 movie)
In the center of
In one ___ and out the other
Steve Jobs’s title at Apple until 2011: Abbr.
Family members
Express verbally