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Crosswords with Friends December 6 2019 Answers
Back talk
Dog or cat with no apparent owner
___ Field (home of the Mets since 2009)
Capital of Egypt
Law that covers wheelchair ramps and service animals among other things: Abbr.
Olympic figure skater who won Dancing With the Stars in 2018: 2 wds.
The Daily Show correspondent ___ Wood Jr.
Uncle ___ (symbol of America)
Ready willing and ___
Athletic group that includes Wake Forest and Georgia Tech: Abbr.
The whole enchilada
Shake like a disapproving finger
Villain’s name screamed by Captain Kirk in Star Trek II
Fancy neckwear
Olympic speed skater who won Dancing With the Stars in 2007: 3 wds.
___ Hall University (New Jersey school in the March Madness tournament the past four years)
Sailor’s greeting
Lithium-___ battery
Suffix suggesting give or take a little
Bryan Cranston’s role on Malcolm in the Middle
Nutella containers
Himalayan beast of burden
Shine On With ___ (DirecTV talk show hosted by actress Witherspoon)
For Official ___ Only
Olympic ice dancer who won Dancing With the Stars in 2014: 2 wds.
Heroine of the 2016 movie La La Land
Body part between the shin and the foot
Crook in police lingo
Bachelor ___ (single man’s home)
___ the joint (scouted out the place for a robbery)
South Park cocreator Parker
Email about winning a foreign lottery probably
Celeste ___ (aria whose title includes the name of the opera it’s in)
Stick around
Cub in The Lion King who eventually marries Nala
___-fi (Star Wars genre)
Keg spigots
Talk show host Kelly
Nice scent
Round ___ virgin mother and child (Silent Night lyric)
Spiky bit on a wire fence
Revered figure
Classic R&B singer Marvin
Thinks in Southern slang
As well
___-ching! (cash register sound)
ID badge holder
So like I ___ saying …
Type of animal in Kong: Skull Island
Gasteyer who was on 121 episodes of Saturday Night Live
To the ___ degree (as much as possible)
Ho ___ Minh City Vietnam
Last name of John Lennon’s widow
Measure for heavy freight
Reporter Lane in DC Comics
Verbal reaction to a shooting star perhaps
African mammal that makes a laughing sound
___ to one’s feet (sprang up)
Van Halen’s most successful song
Where Nepal is
Enjoy a best seller
Boats like the one Noah built
Godzilla: King of the Monsters actor Chandler
When will you ___ learn?
What to call a king
Award with a Best Record-Breaking Performance category
Computer that runs OS X
Was out in front

  Crosswords with Friends December 6 2019 Answers