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Crosswords with Friends December 7 2019 Answers
Belly muscles
New England NFL team for short
Pieces of equipment not used by unplugged guitarists
Baseball great Gehrig
Shape of a kiwifruit
Not able to lift much weight at the gym
Opera singer with a law degree from the University of Pisa: 2 wds.
Where the nostrils are
Venue where you could have a me day
Prefix for integrate or interest
Oh ___ your heart!
Swearing-in response: 2 wds.
___ beans (ingredients in succotash)
___ the Terrible (16th-century Russian ruler)
Radio and TV journalist with a degree from Brooklyn Law School: 2 wds.
Mind ___ matter
Adam and Eve’s garden
Sleep for a half hour maybe
Parts of a dormitory
Say ___ (2010 Trey Songz song)
My country ___ of thee …
Are not ungrammatically
TV talk show host with a law degree from Northwestern University: 2 wds.
Operatic solo
___ off (fired from a job)
With 57-Down Tater Tots maker
New arrival in the family
The most popular newborn girl’s name in the US in 2018
Steel-___ boots
Lawyer Dershowitz who represented Claus Von Bülow and O.J. Simpson
Chaz ___ (Cher’s son)
Lathery water
Author of the eerie poem The Raven
Sweet but Psycho singer ___ Max
Web browser’s page organizers
Food for pigs
Word that can go before inspiring or struck
Director Brooks or Gibson
Pen ___ (distant correspondent)
___ mask (headwear that can be pulled down to cover the face)
Color of a bullfighter’s cape
For-hire vehicle that’s often yellow
___ never tell!
It’s served with the main course
Nickname of Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: SVU character
Break-___ point
Actress Gilbert of The Conners
One of the sounds made by Rice Krispies
Young Frankenstein hunchback
Whip It band that was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cookie whose flavor is used in a lip balm
The ___ Squad (Claire Danes film)
___ code (start of a phone number)
Limb that extends from the shoulder
___ perfect world …: 2 wds.
Home for a farmer’s pigs
The Empire Strikes Back pilot ___ Solo
Small landmass in the ocean
Email that you might ignore
What have ___ to lose?: 2 wds.
Notorious Roman emperor
Place for Christmas ornaments
Poke sharply with a finger
Chapter of history
Standing ___ roast (beef entree)
Celebrity chef Rachael
Edge of a cup
See 60-Across

  Crosswords with Friends December 7 2019 Answers