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Crosswords with Friends February 15 2020 Answers
Living in the ___ of luxury
Vehicle that’s flagged on street corners
Canyon effect
Australian bird that doesn’t fly
The Handmaid’s ___ (Elisabeth Moss series)
Name of the biggest street in town often
Exercise venue
Former Groundlings comedian who played MacGruber on SNL: 2 wds.
What aspirin reduces
___ Mahal (Indian landmark)
Former Groundlings comedian who played Target Lady on SNL: 2 wds.
Gas holders in SUVs
Rower’s paddle
Workplace for a chemist
Bacon and ___ (basic diner breakfast)
Like an unused towel
Individual part of a skeleton
The NCAA’s Fighting Tigers in Baton Rouge: Abbr.
Quiet on the ___! (director’s shout)
Actress Shaw who received Emmy nominations for Killing Eve and Fleabag in 2019
Former Groundlings comedian who played Anal-Retentive Chef on SNL: 2 wds.
Undefeated boxing champion Laila
Full of impertinent questions
Former Groundlings comedian who played pathological liar Tommy Flanagan on SNL: 2 wds.
Narrow opening
He was born in Genesis 4:2 and died in Genesis 4:8
Actress Falco who stars on the new series Tommy
That’s gross!
Keep your ___ about you (stay mentally vigilant)
___-A-Fella Records (former music label)
Grassy roll for a landscaper
Cost an arm and a ___
At Home With ___ Sedaris
Inflating as a bike tire: 2 wds.
Michael who played Alfred in The Dark Knight Rises
… and justice for ___ (Pledge of Allegiance ending)
Interstate surrounding Washington DC
Symbol such as Winking Face or Waving Hand
Big prize on The Price Is Right
Song at the top of the charts
Twenty ___ Pilots (Stressed Out band)
Silly idiots in Britain
___ and square (on the up-and-up)
Record label specializing in compilation albums: Hyph.
What worn-out T-shirts are sometimes used as
Direction a compass needle points
Guy who’s always frowning and moping: 2 wds.
___ Karenina (Tolstoy novel)
Three-___ salad (vegetarian dish)
Bring to a person’s home like a pizza
Ritz ___ (crunchy Nabisco snacks)
Tower used to store grain
Turned to ice as water
Single instance of hijinks
My ___ was on the floor! (This amazed me!)
Jedi Master ___-Wan Kenobi
Necessity for a game of volleyball
Positive response during a wedding ceremony: 2 wds.
Back in time
Final degree for many postgraduate students: Abbr.

  Crosswords with Friends February 15 2020 Answers