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Crosswords with Friends February 20 2020 Answers
Sound blaster at an outdoor concert
Takes too many drugs: Abbr.
Wrinkly-faced dog that was originally bred in China
Well lah-di-___!
Put ___ Happy Face: 2 wds.
Much-loved celebrity
CSI lab evidence: Abbr.
Defeats in the boxing ring: Abbr.
Singer who featured the glam rocker character Ziggy Stardust on his 1972 concept album: 2 wds.
___ blitz (all-out promotion on the web radio and TV)
Newborn rams and ewes
Control-___-Delete (common Windows keyboard combo)
2000 presidential candidate whose running mate was Lieberman
Singer who featured the android character Cindi Mayweather on her 2010 The ArchAndroid concept album: 2 wds.
1 214 square miles for Rhode Island
Manchester by the ___ (2016 Michelle Williams film)
A man’s ___ should exceed his grasp
Single lock of hair
Group that featured the bandleader character Sgt. Pepper on its 1967 concept album: 2 wds.
The Fall of the House of Usher author
Word that appropriately rhymes with hear
Put the ___ before the horse
What Jeff Probst holds when he goes to tally the votes on Survivor
Fail like a car battery
Manmade structure containing honeycombs
America’s Test Kitchen network
Brand spanking ___
Corrosive liquid
___ Secretary (show whose final episode aired in December)
Establish as fact beyond any doubt
There Will Be Blood actor Paul
Garment that’s loosely wrapped around the shoulders
Fictional creature like Pikachu
One in Spanish
ExxonMobil sells it
Glided smoothly
Feature of a phone before push-buttons
Jafar’s macaw in Aladdin
Garment that could be padded
Wobbled and almost fell over
Jelly container
Right you ___!
Straightens up a bit
At ___ other’s throats (constantly fighting)
Actress Kate of Fantastic Four and The Martian
Pays attention to as words of wisdom
Scratch a surface to make art
Killed in biblical language
Bring to the supper table
Charles in Charge actor Scott
Hearty meal in a bowl
Baby basset hound
Round object that contains a prophecy in the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter

  Crosswords with Friends February 20 2020 Answers