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Crosswords with Friends January 15 2020 Answers
Shed tears
You have to give the people what they ___
Fast like some transit
Tinge of color
Emmy or Grammy for example
Talk show host and star of a 1990s ABC sitcom whose title was her first name: 2 wds.
Toppled over
Paid promotions
Pungent smell
Period of time that’s shorter than an eon
Polite term of address for a lady
Walk over to me casually
Stand-up comedian and star of a 1990s Fox sitcom whose title was his first name: 2 wds.
That just ___ work!
State on Indiana’s eastern border
Feeling low
Hand lotion additive
Former Saturday Night Live regular Rachel
Tiny to a Scotsman
Reverse as a word processor command
Moonlighting actress and star of a 1990s CBS sitcom whose title was her first name: 2 wds.
Beard trimmings
Dubuque’s state
Blob of used gum
Host a celebrity roast say
Sound from a baby bird
Miracle Workers channel
Restaurant menu planner
The Golden ___ (Do unto others …)
Finish in first place
Calculate a total
Word that typically precedes a maiden name
Identify in a Facebook photo
The Fountainhead author Ayn ___
Tim and Eric ___ Show Great Job! (former Adult Swim series)
Golfer’s standard score
State of rage
Degree for a dentist: Abbr.
Santa’s workshop assistant
Keep an ___ to the ground
Radiate like heat
Discretion is the better part of ___
Nebraska city that’s home to a mail-order steak business
Bears’ hideaways
Black-and-white whale
Wetlands stalk
Hermione Granger portrayer Watson
Staircase banister
2012 political thriller starring Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin
Everglades predator for short
Former HBO drama with such characters as Omar Little and Stringer Bell: 2 wds.
Humorist’s ability
Joe Biden’s home state: Abbr.
What was that again?
With all ___ being equal …
Little salamander
Lacking color or excitement
Bookie’s figures
Jost’s Weekend Update coanchor
Orange vegetable that’s often candied
Inexpensive pen brand
Take a small taste of soda perhaps
Tool that sounds like something Santa would say
Female animal with a wool coat
Baby food

  Crosswords with Friends January 15 2020 Answers