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Crosswords with Friends January 24 2020 Answers
Former Speaker of the House Gingrich
Peanut butter brand
Sales agents for short
___ and above
___ seen the light!
Unit of land area
Actress Farmiga of When They See Us
26.2-mile race that 35-Across specializes in
Large concert venue
Capture as a suspect
___-out clause (way to terminate a contract)
Zodiac sign before Virgo
Blue ___ (type of bird)
___ and outs
Ellipse’s shape
Olympic gold medalist for Kenya in 2016: 2 wds.
Place to the left of the ones place
Not ___ shabby
Hump day: Abbr.
___ and flow
Siberian husky for example
Superstore actress Lauren
Truth Hurts singer who has the most Grammy nominations this year
Time limit under which 35-Across completed a 16-Across in 2019: 2 wds.
Circular part of a roller coaster
Like a bull or a rooster
Shirt or blouse say
She hasn’t ___ anything wrong
Stick around
Pig enclosure
That’s right pastor!
PBS documentary series since 1974
Have you ___ tried …
___ Going on a Bear Hunt (picture book based on a folk song)
The T in LGBTQ for short
Comedian Gaffigan
Tennis Hall of Famer Lendl
Wild like some animals
Close relative of a mouse
Sound-repeating effect
Object handled by stage actors
Heaven-___ (miraculous)
Tony Shalhoub’s role on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Word after boric or folic
Calligrapher’s liquid
___ La La (2013 Britney Spears song)
Vehicle that might be jumbo
Order at a pub
Yang’s counterpart
Grab a chair!
Serious promise
How old you are
Was the front-runner
___ it or lose it!
Natural container for peas
Frat dude
Fighting matches
Original Saturday Night Live cast member Radner
Money-dispensing devices: Abbr.
Swing at a housefly
Spanish greeting
Easy gait for a horse
Type of camera lens that’s helpful if you’re far away
Eastern Time ___
___ Jude (Beatles hit)
Eve is one on Killing Eve

  Crosswords with Friends January 24 2020 Answers