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Crosswords with Friends November 2 2019 Answers
Initials of the president between Kennedy and Nixon
That’s all ___ wrote
Apprehends as a crook
___ de toilette (type of fragrance)
Stick used to propel a lifeboat
Current leader of India who was reelected in 2019: 2 wds.
End of the ASPCA’s URL
Did some stitching
Masked swordsman of movies
Tablet downloads
Al Capone ___ Scarface: Abbr.
Spanish painter Salvador
That ___ helping!
Title for 14- and 45-Across: 2 wds.
German name that reads the same forward and backward
Lumberjack’s chopping tool
Big hair that’s been worn by Beyonc√©
Clever with the quips
Diabolical person
Iron ___ (one of the Avengers)
Nehru’s daughter who was India’s leader in 1966-1977 and 1980-1984: 2 wds.
Monetary penalty
Type of body of water that separates San Francisco from Oakland
Knighted actor McKellen
Hours when airplanes are due to come in: Abbr.
Comedian ___ Nwodim of Saturday Night Live
Moose’s antlered cousin
Dancing With the Stars panelist Goodman
Sound from a sheep
One of 12 people deciding on a verdict
Best Original ___ (Academy Award category)
Used to own
Be incorrect
Archenemy like Professor Moriarty for Sherlock Holmes
Declare openly
___ your time (be patient)
Tried to steal second base perhaps
Wear away gradually
Poisonous African snake
Hits with a phaser beam
Cajun veggie with pods
Come ___ or come shine
Supreme Court justice Samuel
Common measurement for milk or beer
Love in Mexico City
Numerical fact for short
Star Trek: The ___ Generation
Three to a poker player
Blue ___ (Yellow Submarine villains)
Person from Des Moines
Initials of the president from 1933 to 1945
Film that’s distributed by a small company
Small flute in a marching band
There’s no future ___: 2 wds.
Tracy’s mom in Hairspray
Bread spread in a BLT for short
Nickname for the president on the penny
___ Jordan (secret identity of Green Lantern)
Fluid in pens

  Crosswords with Friends November 2 2019 Answers