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Crosswords with Friends November 22 2019 Answers
Take a small drink of
Arrival actress Adams
Current craze
Neither this ___ that
Nectar-collecting buzzer
Change as the Constitution
Be in the red
Woman’s support garment
Stands for Scrabble tiles
Oilers/Kings/Blues/Rangers center whose 1 963 career assists are an all-time NHL record: 2 wds.
Body part sometimes covered by a patch
Commit perjury
Pennsylvania city or a New York canal
Today I ___ man (bar mitzvah boy’s statement): 2 wds.
___ for tat (equal retaliation)
Earthquakes/Galaxy forward whose 136 career assists are an all-time MLS record: 2 wds.
All ___ are created equal
Billiards player’s stick
Winning ___ everything
Kid in a stroller
I ___ wait all day
Jazz point guard whose 15 806 career assists are an all-time NBA record: 2 wds.
Martin Van ___ (8th US president)
Castaway’s shelter perhaps
Band with the 1985 hit Take On Me: Hyph.
Historic battle site in San Antonio
Large animal like the one used as the Phoenix Suns mascot
Steel part of a basket in basketball
YouTube star Oakley
Tie the knot
Dip a ___ in the water
Weather that’s simulated in some plastic globes
Midwestern state south of Minnesota
Hunter’s quarry
Downton ___ (2019 movie)
Move into the flow of traffic
Typical time period for a magazine subscription
Alien from the red planet
Long part of a giraffe
Like a shirt pocket stained by a leaky pen
Newspaper inserts typically
Have to have
Fuzzy red Muppet
Majestic shade tree
Insecure star Issa ___
Stratford ___ (setting of the 1980s sitcom Newhart)
Ending for lemon or lime
Flat-screen devices in family rooms
Olympic swimmer Thorpe
Compound that blows things up: Abbr.
First female Supreme Court justice Sandra Day ___
Bolts fit into them
Porker’s cry
Unifying idea in a story or essay
Two-door car
Played a part in a drama
Month whose zodiac signs are Cancer and Leo
Word that may precede history or hygiene
Start to unfreeze
State whose largest city is Columbus
Fred or Ted for example
Mammal that flies

  Crosswords with Friends November 22 2019 Answers