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Crosswords with Friends November 23 2019 Answers
A good time was ___ by all
Band that’s one larger than a duo
Shape of a rugby ball
___ met my match!
___ California (Mexican peninsula)
Dumbo director Burton
___ my wits’ end!: 2 wds.
Chew in a beaver-like manner
TV journalist who anchored ABC World News and 20/20: 2 wds.
Zodiac sign with the shortest name
Liquid in a battery
We breathe it
Pick up the ___ (pay the bill)
TV journalist named anchor of CBS Evening News in 2019: 2 wds.
Spanish for two
Japanese musician Yoko
Get off the highway
Bird that hunts mice
Nets and Nuggets league: Abbr.
TV journalist who anchored CBS Evening News and Yahoo! News: 2 wds.
True statement
Low-voiced woman
1997 U2 album whose title is also a music genre
Ocean’s 8 actress Hathaway
Your mileage may ___
Card that might rank higher than a king
Animal with red and white-tailed species
Sheep that are shes
Animal that might say Woof!
Strike hard
Very eager
Ghost star Moore
It ties up a bale of hay
Shakespeare title character whose last name is Montague
Roth ___ (certain investments): Abbr.
Where Ottawa and Toronto are
Delivery room doctor: Hyph.
Weather ___ (wind direction indicator)
Not completely shut like a door
Sheriff’s concern
Six-time Emmy winner Alan
Notify of potential danger
Up ___ about
Sound made by a dove
Taxpayers report to them: Abbr.
It’s ___-or-die situation!: 2 wds.
___-Mex (Southwestern cuisine)
___ Stroker (2019 Tony winner for Oklahoma!)
Sandwich name made up of the initials of its ingredients
___ Met Your Mother: 2 wds.
Taking time away from work: 2 wds.
A short distance from
Furry swimmer with a playful nature
The Hunchback of ___ Dame
Boating course markers
Carol of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Annoying skin condition
What the Aliens worship in the movie Toy Story
Tablet with the digital assistant Siri
Fashion designer Chanel
Something whose popularity dies down quickly
A square ___ in a round hole

  Crosswords with Friends November 23 2019 Answers