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Crosswords with Friends November 24 2019 Answers
Body ___ index (what the abbreviation BMI stands for)
Large container used in tanning leather
Miracle-___ (plant food brand)
Syria’s location
When They See Us director DuVernay
___ to shreds (destroy)
Bitter ___ to swallow
Number represented by the Roman numeral VI
Frozen water
2019 TV miniseries costarring Michelle Williams: 2 wds.
ISP that was formerly known for Buddy Lists
Strip of ground cover
End a hunger strike
Love the Way You ___ (Eminem/Rihanna song)
Offerings to the needy
1998-2003 teen drama series costarring Michelle Williams: 2 wds.
This does NOT look good: Hyph.
___-friendly (green)
Not extroverted
Loving murmur
They often appear before movie trailers
2018 film comedy costarring Michelle Williams: 3 wds.
Neat as a ___
Mastiff or Maltese for example
Person from Baghdad or Cairo typically
Army ___ (aggressive insect)
Belief in one’s own greatness
1 760 yards
Oral surgeon’s degree: Abbr.
___ position (advantageous place for an auto racer)
Land chart
Yeah sure: 2 wds.
Tall round building used by a farmer
Sauce that’s often next to nacho chips on a supermarket shelf
Brand of petroleum jelly
Tel ___ (city in Israel)
Read my lips: No new ___
Pans used for making pancakes
Puerto ___
Fly an airplane by yourself
Sound made by the King of the Beasts
How a trade school’s URL typically ends
Ooh and ___
Amount of money you put in a conversation: 2 wds.
Snail on a French menu
Jaded exclamation
Rainbow’s place
Loafer or sneaker
Message that needs to be cracked before it can be read
More senior
Small item collected by a philatelist
Tablet with Mini Air and Pro models
Fantastic Beasts and Where to ___ Them
___ stick (toy used for bouncing)
Ben Folds Five for example (despite the name)
Southern pronoun used for more than one person
Spelling competition

  Crosswords with Friends November 24 2019 Answers