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Crosswords with Friends November 26 2019 Answers
Fuel for a car
___ job (scam)
Right off the ___ (first)
Home plate official for short
Sheer amazement
Real first name of the superhero Deadpool
Mother of journalist Ronan Farrow
Gun as an engine
Make ___ for it (try to escape): 2 wds.
The Blacklist actor who currently stars on 25-Across: 2 wds.
Deck of cards that includes Cups and Swords
___ It Romantic (2019 Rebel Wilson comedy)
Apple’s mobile music player
Ad Astra actress Tyler
NBC medical drama set in one of the oldest public hospitals in the US: 2 wds.
A bit weird
Solo for Andrea Bocelli
Lowly worker
Notable feature of the Mona Lisa
Hospital medical director played by 16-Across: 2 wds.
Spoken rather than written
The Front Runner actress Graynor
Punches that conclude some boxing matches: Abbr.
Big stack
___ it ever occurred to you …
Martian’s spacecraft perhaps: Abbr.
Superlative suffix
How icky!
What a cat pushes a ball of yarn around with
Bubble ___ (chewy treat)
___ making myself clear?: 2 wds.
Bird that killed Cock Robin according to the nursery rhyme
Unit of weight for a diamond
Luke Wilson’s actor brother
Party of Five star Campbell
Lowest rank among British nobility
Person who’s no longer a child
___ bar (serve cocktails and pour beer)
Movements of dogs’ tails
Green Jedi master
Muffin-baking pan
Chest-beating primate
Trippy drug: Abbr.
___ be a pleasure!
Record format before stereo
Oscar-winning actor Malek
Enjoy your cocktail!: 2 wds.
Have a fever maybe
Mystery author Rita ___ Brown
Where the Louvre Museum is
Sing the praises of
Stare at creepily
Nothing but net sound
Waikiki’s island
Clothing for performers such as Miss Coco Peru and Lady Bunny
Owner ___ Lonely Heart (Yes hit): 2 wds.
Female pig

  Crosswords with Friends November 26 2019 Answers