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Crosswords with Friends November 27 2019 Answers
Corn part that gets thrown away
The whole kit and caboodle
Cards shown when cashing checks: Abbr.
Hindu character on The Simpsons
Jane ___ (unnamed woman in a court case)
Peace activist Yoko
Network actress who played the fiancée of Paul Newman’s architect character in The Towering Inferno: 2 wds.
Well what ___ could it be?
Valuable mine rock
Wee fellow
Ride a two-wheeler
Volcanic dust
Spy organization in The Bourne Ultimatum: Abbr.
Cookie that’s used in some milkshakes
Bullitt actor who played a San Francisco fire chief in The Towering Inferno: 2 wds.
Actress Russell of The Americans
The Mustangs of the NCAA: Abbr.
Cardiologists and urologists for example: Abbr.
Thread holder
Cartoonish squeal
Zip your ___! (Be quiet!)
Little scamps
Top Hat actor who played a con man in The Towering Inferno: 2 wds.
Tired old routine
The Man ___ Knew Too Much (Hitchcock movie)
Fishy topping for a bagel
Sure thing!
Comedian/actress Poehler
Sidewalk restaurant
Iridescent gemstone
Pays the price for
Find a total
Eddie’s cop partner on The Simpsons
Jay who retired from The Tonight Show
Thanks for bailing me out!: 3 wds.
Sample sent to a company like 23andMe: Abbr.
Kind of sauce in a Chinese restaurant
Shocking snaky swimmer
Story ___ (how a plot progresses)
Top card in bridge
Loses brightness
Street ___ (respect of a sort)
Rude gaze
Time periods longer than eras
Part of a dance lesson
Villain’s opposite
Company used by Wile E. Coyote
Roses are red ___ are blue …
¿___ pasa? (What’s happening?)
Jar topper
Korean car manufacturer
Chess piece that can eventually become a queen
Black Swan costar Kunis
Dance where teens wear formal clothes
Philip J. ___ (main character on Futurama)
___ Bangs (Ricky Martin song)
Pull like a water-skier