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Crosswords with Friends November 28 2019 Answers
Bob Hearts Abishola network
Baseball stat that pitchers want to keep low: Abbr.
Cherokee or Navajo for example
Who ___ they to judge?
Alternative to hair mousse or styling paste
Class that doesn’t require much effort: 2 wds.
Guitarist who played with his brother Liam on the Oasis hit Wonderwall: 2 wds.
Vehicle that Lance Armstrong used to race
Flies to great heights
Frozen 2 queen voiced by Idina Menzel
Left to my ___ devices …
This tastes so good!
Squirt ___ (toy used in a water fight)
Extra song at the end of a concert
With 33-Across guitarist who played with his brother Malcolm on the AC/DC hit Highway to Hell
See 30-Across
The King’s ___ (Oscar-winning movie)
Female counterpart of him
Place to inject a flu shot
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner brand)
Still hasn’t paid
Life ___ death
River near the Egyptian pyramids
Guitarist who played with his brother Alex on their namesake band’s hit Jump: 3 wds.
Mandy of This Is Us
Vegetable that might roll around on your plate
Telethon hosts: Abbr.
Theater awards ceremony hosted by James Corden in 2019
Enclosure for oinkers
___ out (patronized a restaurant)
Appearances ___ deceiving: 2 wds.
Cook with high heat
Goes looking for
Food that may be labeled free-range
Bit of water from the eye
Cloths for wiping up dust
Ending for Black Grown and Mixed in current TV show titles
Catch ya on the flip side!
Play it by ___ (improvise)
What the L stands for in NHL
Journalist Lois of the Daily Planet
I kid ___ not!
Large decorative vase
Actress Ryan or Tilly
Los Angeles school whose colors are cardinal and gold: Abbr.
Celebrity scientist Bill
Mexican beer often served with a lime wedge
Cool ___ cucumber: 2 wds.
Morning Edition broadcaster
Sapphire or ruby for example
Flip or Flop cable channel
Large wasp
Starts a bungee jump
Track and field star ___ Rudolph who won three Olympic gold medals in 1960
Put into office
Sixth ___ (ESP)
Brokerage charges
First aid provider sometimes: Abbr.
Avengers: Endgame actor Cheadle
Farm stuff that’s stored in bales

  Crosswords with Friends November 28 2019 Answers