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Crosswords with Friends November 8 2019 Answers
___-Hulk (upcoming superhero show on Disney )
Help out illegally
Smooth over as a rough road
Person who’s not to be believed
Cable channel awarded 34 Emmys this year
Former Yankee who is first on Major League Baseball’s career earnings list: 2 wds.
Vegetables with Bermuda and Vidalia varieties
Where a flower girl sprinkles petals at a wedding
… like a bump on a ___
___ timer (kitchen gadget)
With 34-Across former Yankee who is fourth on Major League Baseball’s career earnings list
Darken your hair color perhaps
Take the gold
Dumbledore’s word of regret
Actress Saldana
Brand of DVR
Science-oriented school near Boston: Abbr.
Moved very fast
See 22-Across
___ squad (team spirit group)
Smith whose debut album was In the Lonely Hour
Project Runway All Stars judge Mizrahi
Handheld device for treating allergic reactions
Former Yankee who is eighth on Major League Baseball’s career earnings list: 2 wds.
What ___ doing here?: 2 wds.
Singer McEntire with three Grammys
One of the basic functions in trigonometry
Tunji Kasim’s role on Nancy Drew
Newsroom furniture for an editor
Abyssinian or Siamese for example
Establishment where you might enjoy a mud mask
Circle above an angel’s head
Opposite of odd
Moving right ___ …
Actions on the auction floor
Body organ with a lobe
Medical system for determining which patients are treated first
___ far (up to this point)
Adam and Eve’s second son
___ off (fall asleep)
Kicks out of a country
Chess piece that starts on a corner square
Booking for a lecturer or a band
London ___ (Ferris wheel next to the Thames river)
Beaver’s construction
Cornerback Apple of the New Orleans Saints
Smell a ___ (be suspicious)
___ Julio (brand of Mexican tequila)
Sense of humor
___ got to tell you something …
Counterpart of neither
Sound of an electric shock
Achievement that’s never been topped
Monopoly space with the words Just Visiting
Bosom buddy
___ of the devil!
___ take a hint: 2 wds.
Exceptionally dry
Recedes like the tide
Hockey Hall of Famer Lindros
Peter Pan dog
The doctor will ___ you now
Slip through the ___ (escape punishment)

  Crosswords with Friends November 8 2019 Answers