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Crosswords with Friends October 30 2019 Answers
Soft casual hats
Straight pretzels in terms of shape
___ Tide (1965 Righteous Brothers hit)
Appliance on MasterChef
I was in the ___ so I thought I’d stop by
Bodybuilder Ferrigno who starred on The Incredible Hulk
One of Christopher Columbus’s trio of ships
Complex that may have a very large parking lot
___ Doubtfire
1978 John Belushi comedy directed by John Landis: 2 wds.
Cover for a pickle jar
Add-___ (things contributed to the mix)
Tech giant founded in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company
Former Senator Bob or Elizabeth each of whom once ran for US president
1983 Eddie Murphy comedy directed by John Landis: 2 wds.
___ spot (topic that’s best avoided)
That’s what friends ___ for
Lightly touch on the shoulder
Every last thing
___ been thinking …
1986 Steve Martin comedy directed by John Landis: 2 wds.
Rapper ___-Z
Red-carpet party
Prestigious university in Connecticut
Not under
Sussudio singer Collins
Full Frontal host Samantha who was once a regular on The Daily Show
Brand of heartburn medicine
Brand of fitness shoes
Badgley who stars on Lifetime’s You
Small garden creature with a spiral shell
Muslim month of fasting
Like surgery performed in a dentist’s office
New ___ (capital of India)
Hairstylist or manicurist’s shop
Shade trees that are attacked by bark beetles
Uninteresting storyteller
Type of vehicle in the movie Speed
Prefix with skirt or series
Group that inspects meat and eggs: Abbr.
Every Rose Has ___ Thorn (#1 hit in 1988)
Guy’s guy in slang
Put a small scratch or mark on
Organization for Tiger Woods: Abbr.
When Canada celebrates Thanksgiving: Abbr.
Spectre actress Seydoux
Ability that’s studied in parapsychology: Abbr.
Broadway’s ___ Evan Hansen
Election in which each party chooses its own candidate
Shazam! actor Zachary
Snap-together building bricks
Make like a tree and ___!
Country that’s home to King Tut’s tomb
The ___ of Peter Rabbit
Jekyll’s bad side
Women’s soccer star ___ Morgan
Island where Pearl Harbor is
The Real ___ Shady (2000 Eminem hit)
Two-time U.S. Open winner Ernie