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Crosswords with Friends October 31 2019 Answers
___ and hers
Samsung Galaxy ___ (iPad rival)
Beef source
Little pig who’s the main character in two 1990s movies
What can ___ for you today?: 2 wds.
Mutton or venison for example
Hobbs & Shaw actor Idris
Golfing item that sounds like a letter of the alphabet
Emotions singer who received the Billboard Icon Award in 2019: 2 wds.
Alicia Keys’s record label
French author Alexandre who wrote The Three Musketeers
I’ll take that as ___: 2 wds.
Drink in a stein
Mr. Robot star Malek
Waiting for Tonight singer who received the Billboard Icon Award in 2014: 2 wds.
Song for the Three Tenors
___ Harvey Oswald
Compass point opposite NNW: Abbr.
Sections of a house
Untruth that might be bald-faced
Sweet Caroline singer who received the Billboard Icon Award in 2011: 2 wds.
Outer part of edamame
Ripped apart
___ be wrong but …: 2 wds.
7 Rings singer Grande familiarly
Has unpaid debts
Private Dancer singer Turner
Cheerleader’s spirited quality
___ Hampshire
It’s approximately 907 kilograms
Toy Story 4 piggy bank
Why the very ___! (outraged remark)
Go parasailing or hang gliding
Powder for an athlete’s hands
Swedish band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010
Goatee for example
They show you how to get around towns: 2 wds.
Poem that admires its subject
Use a swizzle stick in
Act on someone else’s ___ (represent another person)
Palm tree with purple berries
International currency used by over 20 countries on one continent
College town that’s home to Iowa State University
How big a garment is
Just open enough that a little air can get in
Fictional detective Wolfe
Potato chip topping that can be French: 2 wds.
Fish called unagi at a sushi bar
First line on many applications
Depends (upon)
Princess captured by Jabba the Hutt
Perch atop as a barstool: 2 wds.
Release as a smell
Rob who was a member of 1980s movies’ Brat Pack
Did some cartooning
Choose not to mention
Prefix for second that means one billionth
Heaven Can Wait actress Cannon
Baby food
Stuff that’s put into a blast furnace

  Crosswords with Friends October 31 2019 Answers