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Crosswords with Friends September 27 2019 Answers
Tennis serve that isn’t returned
Get me out of here PC key
Singer Starr who had a #1 hit in 1970 with War
Push-up lingerie buy
When a plane is due in at the gate: Abbr.
Period without conflict
Actor who played baseball’s Jim Thorpe in the 1951 biopic Jim Thorpe — All-American: 2 wds.
Rod that a wheel rotates around
Sort of blah for me
Tijuana currency
Tai ___ (slow exercise)
Obvious sign of fish gone bad
With 38-Across actor who played baseball’s Jim Piersall in the 1957 biopic Fear Strikes Out
Words said when removing a disguise: 2 wds.
Auto club offering for a wrecked car
Actress Linney of 2019’s Tales of the City
Kit ___ (candy bar)
Sun-dried brick in southwestern pueblos
See 25-Across
Private Practice actor Diggs
This might be of interest …: Abbr.
Do some touch-ups on text
Name that’s three letters in a row in the alphabet
___ Land (2016 Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling movie musical): 2 wds.
Actor who played baseball’s Ty Cobb in the 1994 biopic Cobb: 3 wds.
Pattern of tire markings
State nicknamed the Heart of Dixie: Abbr.
Tik ___ (2009 Kesha song)
Brings home as wages
Arena where the New York Knicks play their home games: Abbr.
Sit-___ (some protests)
Swedish band with the hit Fernando
Heart of the matter
Middle name of Jimmy Carter
Very slender fish
Walking stick to help with balance
US group that promotes green living: Abbr.
Tyrannical ruler
Glide over a lake while pulled by a boat: Hyph.
Frosts as a cupcake
Infamous emperor who ruled during Rome’s great fire
Type of help provided by Best Buy’s Geek Squad
Stand-up comic Margaret
Like Swiss cheese and moth-eaten clothes
___ of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017 movie)
___ reasonable price (not expensive): 2 wds.
Move the head to indicate yes
Double-crosser: Hyph.
___ With a Plan (Matt LeBlanc sitcom)
Visitors arriving in UFOs: Abbr.
Puts more gas in the tank
Gotham City crime-fighter
Measure equal to 1 000 grams for short
Class for many newcomers to the US: Abbr.
Suffix that turns major into a baton twirler
___ and the Lost City of Gold
Group in the NFL or NHL for example
Not in favor of: Prefix
Former heavyweight champion Spinks
Fabric measures: Abbr.
1995-2005 David James Elliott drama

  Crosswords with Friends September 27 2019 Answers