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Crosswords with Friends September 28 2019 Answers
___ Just Not That Into You
Wise men who traveled to Bethlehem
Study hard before an exam
Noah’s ___
Tiny superhero on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
___ and hearty (in good health)
Alternative to an X-ray: Abbr.
Angry blog post
Go on for ___ (last a long time)
Supreme Court justice since 2017 who clerked for Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy: 2 wds.
Internet connection type: Abbr.
Mediterranean ___ (first Monopoly space after Go): Abbr.
With 35-Across Supreme Court justice since 2010 who clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall: 2 wds.
Kick-___ 2 (2013 superhero movie)
Say two hearts in a bridge game maybe
___ monster (large lizard)
The Engineers of the NCAA whose home games are played near Boston: Abbr.
Hair on a giraffe
Big Red or Big League Chew for example
Bruce Almighty star Carrey
See 23-Across
Walmart founder Walton
I’ve ___ you covered
Supreme Court chief justice since 2005 who clerked for Justice William Rehnquist : 2 wds.
Swedish chain with hard-to-pronounce furniture names
Fit to stand trial in a way
Beer dispenser at a frat party
Boast about how awesome you are
Luciano Pavarotti solo for example
What I think is … in texts
Enjoys some dim sum
Seldom ___ (few and far between)
___ Save America (liberal audio series)
Meat in a club sandwich
___ on the side of caution
The body’s largest organ
Tomei who plays May Parker in Spider-Man movies
In no time ___ (instantly): 2 wds.
Large round percussion instrument
There’s no hope for me!: 2 wds.
High-speed scene in an action film
Pasta sauce brand with a Chunky Roasted Garlic variety
Sir ___ Guinness
Mosquito net material
___ Mode (Incredibles 2 character created and voiced by Brad Bird)
Camper vans: Abbr.
The Goose That Laid the Golden ___
Actress Lucy who’s mentioned in the lyrics of Hey Ya!
A Nightmare on ___ Street 5: The Dream Child
Prepare to shoot as a camera
Word that can follow ditty or duffel
___ Garten (Food Network host of Barefoot Contessa)
Room that could be a man cave
Brunch drinks served in champagne flutes
The Talented Mr. Ripley star Damon
Honey container
Native of Pyongyang or Seoul
Minor setbacks
Spirit who sings Friend Like Me in Aladdin
Be in sync (with)
Vegetable with a slimy texture
Miami NBA team
Like feet in a yoga class
___ class (cut school)
Fall Out Boy’s genre
Jupiter or Zeus for example

  Crosswords with Friends September 28 2019 Answers