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Crosswords with Friends September 29 2019 Answers
Birds with screech and barn varieties
Word that can go before dish or opera
911 responder: Abbr.
Profoundly meaningful
Bulky brass instrument
Pigeon ___ (legume from Asia)
Ellen who had a 1994-1998 sitcom and is now a daytime talk show host
Grain that’s used in many Aveeno skin-care products
Auditory organ
Thumb-typed messages
Pixar sequel featuring a forgetful fish voiced by Ellen: 2 wds.
Slobber like a mastiff
Commits a blunder
You dirty ___!
High or low card in blackjack
How did they do that? feeling
Clean and ___ (weightlifting moves)
Ellen’s prime-time trivia show featuring Dizzy Dash and Scary-Go-Round competitions: 3 wds.
Losing My Religion band
Glob of chewed gum
Friendly-sounding title of Ellen’s 2018 stand-up comedy special on Netflix
Foreign ___ (overseas assistance)
Jean ___ (Marvel superhero)
Decent but not great
Paper towel thickness measurement
All’s Well That ___ Well (Shakespeare comedy)
Flows backward
Opposite of even
Tiny in Scotland
Limb with a calf and thigh
Revealing bathing-suit brand
From stem to ___ (covering an entire ship)
Quality Is ___ Recipe (old Wendy’s slogan)
President Lincoln’s honest nickname
Leader of a Christian congregation
Crafter’s strong adhesive
Veal or turkey for example
Ink designs that may be tribal
Fighting tooth and ___
Hospital areas with triage units: Abbr.
Initials of the US president who was elected four times
One of the musical Gershwin brothers
To be or ___ to be …
Lizard featured in Geico commercials
Longtime Dr. of rap
What on earth ___ you talking about?
Talent needed to hit a bull’s-eye in darts
Great sadness
Aliens from outer space: Abbr.
Middle Brady Bunch girl
Come out as from a cave
This is the thanks ___?: 2 wds.
Visible harm like a dented fender
Unravels or a homophone of phrase
Wife ___ (reality series)
Precipitation that could crack a windshield
Suffix for north or south
___ Zeppelin
Billy ___ Thornton
Sky-high shot in tennis
They review rough drafts: Abbr.

  Crosswords with Friends September 29 2019 Answers