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Crosswords with Friends September 30 2019 Answers
Your in biblical language
___ I only known …
What you might place in Las Vegas
Basketball target
High-___ apartment
Boxer named by Sports Illustrated as the greatest sportsman of the 20th century
Invisible field read by a psychic
Battler of good
Let’s ___ it in the bud
Actress who voiced the title role in Pocahontas: 2 wds.
Music genre with many sad lyrics
Private ___ (detective)
Disapproving shout from a spectator
___ Peacock (character in the game Clue)
Opponents of home on a scoreboard
Actress who voiced Tiana in The Princess and the Frog: 3 wds.
Place to buy a knish or some cold cuts
Transportation associated with Rosa Parks
Group that publishes Shooting Sports USA magazine: Abbr.
Simple summertime shirt
Actress who voiced Elsa in Frozen: 2 wds.
Do something you need to atone for
___ guys finish last
Powerhouse opera singer
Like Palm Springs weather in the summer
Go ___ (attend without a date)
Sit around and worry
___ Pizzeria & Grill (restaurant chain)
Place to stop overnight
Popular Asian cuisine
60 minutes
Days of ___ (old times)
Queen bee’s home
Put your pride ___ (lose your ego)
Lateness as for an airplane’s takeoff
Zac Brown ___
___ Lilly (company known for Cialis)
A few bucks for the waiter
Sheet of glass
Johnny English ___ (2011 spy comedy movie)
___ Frost (member of the X-Men)
Raise like children
That’s ___ way to think about it
Commodity controlled by cartels
Cry very hard
Solid ___ rock: 2 wds.
Yokohama money
Spice in pumpkin pie
The way ___ it … (start of an opinion): 2 wds.
Get the suds out of
R&B singer Baker
Out of the frying pan and ___ the fire
Not enough room to swing ___: 2 wds.
Tube-shaped pasta
Break ___ (come out neither ahead nor behind)
Grassy area in front of a house
Moo ___ pork (Chinese food)
Electrically charged particle

  Crosswords with Friends September 30 2019 Answers