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This page will show you all Daily Themed Crossword February 15 2020 Answers. This is a famous game created by PlaySimple Games PTE Ltd and has also puzzles which you can continue to solve if you already finished the daily crossword.
Daily Themed Crossword February 15 2020 Answers

Piece of land
Had an inkling
Family ___ American animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane
Des Moines’s state
Not in favor of
___ you kidding me?
___ and void
Early bird’s catch
Hometown Proud market chain: Abbr.
Ages and ages
House rent collector
Type of Latin dance or a dip
Opposite of WSW: Abbr.
Tulsa school with a Prayer Tower: Abbr.
___-aid (flavored drink mix)
Star Wars character Kylo ___
Stinging insect
The Scooby-___ Show American animated mystery comedy series created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears
…happily ___ after
Day after Wednesday for short
Columbus’ state
Woodcutter’s tool
At a distance
Network for The Office and Saturday Night Live: 2 wds.
Doctor Who genre: Hyph.
That lady
Poker prize
Spreadsheet contents
Urgent letters
Rocks in a freezer
Work on a manuscript
Use the ballot
___ and Jerry American animated series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Chip ‘n ___: Rescue Rangers American animated comedy series created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove
___ mic night
Debit card ID: Abbr.
Baseballer Gehrig
Harry Potter’s Hedwig e.g.
Fairy stories
Young Bambi
Brian of Roxy Music
Printing paper size: Abbr.
The Lion King’s ___ & Pumbaa American animated TV series created by Walt Disney Television Animation
Have a strong craving or desire
Earth’s revolution period
Acorn producer
Wish you ___ here
Plant as seeds
I smell ___ (be suspicious): 2 wds.
Green like a rain forest
The Time Machine race
Stinky smell
___ la la!
Rescue operation for short
Better luck ___ time
Huff’s partner
___ up (excite)
___ and only
Lent a hand to
Johnny ___ American animated TV series created by Van Partible
Barbecue rod
Designer Chanel
Unit in an online order cart
Toothpaste-endorsing group: Abbr.
Shop ___ You Drop (American game show)
Soak (up)
Wolfed down
Montblanc product

  Daily Themed Crossword February 15 2020 Answers