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This page will show you all Daily Themed Crossword November 27 2019 Answers. This is a famous game created by PlaySimple Games PTE Ltd and has also puzzles which you can continue to solve if you already finished the daily crossword.
Daily Themed Crossword November 27 2019 Answers

Hit a pesky fly say
Couch potato’s location
Students in their final year: Abbr.
Actor Rogen from Freaks and Geeks
Acronym for an underwater navigation device
Unbearable sorrow
Television series which is set in a magical realm called London Below and was later adapted into a novel by 45a
All you can ___ (buffet sign)
Twistable cookie
Black cats and comets stereotypically
Golf ___ (golfer’s venue)
Young hooter in a barn
Not at all difficult
Guitarist Atkins nicknamed Mr. Guitar
Metal source
El ___ Texas
Rope-a-dope inventor Muhammad ___
Little follower in Twinkle twinkle?
Polish a copy
Television series based on 45a’s novel which is about Shadow Moon a former convict and Mr. Wednesday a con artist: 2 wds.
Waiting line at a cafe say
Part of A.K.A
Grown-___ (adults)
English author and screenwriter whose work The Graveyard Book won him the Newbery and Carnegie medals: 2 wds.
What would ___ without you.: 2 wds.
Fiorello! actor Howard Da ___
Retail event at the end of a season
Opposite of bottom
Oxen restraint
Fir or oak e.g.
Taxpayer’s ID: Abbr.
Early hours
Off-road transport: Abbr.
The Big Bang ___ series in which 45a made an appearance as himself in the episode The Comet Polarization
Acronym for the art-gallery district in Lower Manhattan
Back to square ___
Way off
Spiny cactus bump
Like cake or candy
Speckled horse
Locations where films are shot
Popeye’s ___ Pea
Trans-Siberian and others: Abbr.
Largest art museum in the United States colloquially
Company head: Abbr.
Kayaking need
In ___ (lavatory sign)
ROTC relative: Abbr.
Doctor ___ television series for which 45a wrote the episodes The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare in Silver
Under ___ (below average)
Entourage agent ___ Gold
Much ___ About Nothing
Jar cover
For what ___ worth…
Dallas school that’s home to the Mustangs: Abbr.
Truly tiny bit informally
Self-centered sort
Famous Greek fable writer
Give birth to a mooing mammal
Kelp or seaweed
Code-breaking organization: Abbr.
Give up
Hairstyle for a formal occasion
Last letters in Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Of that ___ (type)
Damage the surface of a car say
Ginger ___
Formerly known as

  Daily Themed Crossword November 27 2019 Answers