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This page will show you all Daily Themed Crossword November 28 2019 Answers. This is a famous game created by PlaySimple Games PTE Ltd and has also puzzles which you can continue to solve if you already finished the daily crossword.
Daily Themed Crossword November 28 2019 Answers

Knight’s title
Soap unit
___ Highness (one way to address a male ruler)
Flight’s touchdown hour: Abbr.
Chemical suffixes
12 month periods: Abbr.
Color associated with Mars
12 ___ 1957 film starring Henry Fonda which is about a jury of 12 that deliberates on the trial of an 18-year old: 2 wds.
Act of leaving one’s country permanently
___-la-la! (Fancy!)
The ordinary
Jump forward
Hoopsters’ organization in America: Abbr.
2015 film starring Tom Hanks which is about a lawyer who negotiates the release of a U.S. pilot in exchange for a Soviet KGB agent: 3 wds.
___ Planet documentary series narrated by David Attenborough
Essential oil extracted from petals
Bamboo sipper
Cow’s cry
On the ___ 2018 film starring Felicity Jones which is based on the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 3 wds.
Rain protector
Photographer’s prop for short
___ Szyslak tavern owner in The Simpsons
___ Brockovich 2000 film starring Julia Roberts which is based on the story of the legal clerk who fought against PG&E
Fit ___ fiddle: 2 wds.
Carry on as a trade
UFO riders: Abbr.
___ judicata (legal term)
Dry as dust
Article in a shopping cart
R in NPR
Big embrace: 2 wds.
Tolstoy’s ___ Karenina
Army unit: Abbr.
Choir pieces
Intense anger
It never starts with a 9: Abbr.
Lanka starter?
Me Before ___ (movie adaptation of a Jojo Moyes novel)
Woman in ___ 2015 film starring Helen Mirren which is about a young lawyer’s fight to reclaim an iconic painting of his client’s aunt
Higher learning institute for short
Honest President fondly
Vegas starter
Largest labor union in the U.S.: Abbr.
TV adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire: Abbr.
Young newt
___ Celtics for short
Same old groove
Discount tag abbr.
Apia natives
Mentor at a college for short
Downton ___ historical period drama starring Michelle Dockery
Military conflict
Academy Award’s other name
Have a look
Mozart’s ___ pastore: 2 wds.
Narrow opening
At ___ (relaxed state)
December holiday informally
Baseball official for short
Chemical unit for short

  Daily Themed Crossword November 28 2019 Answers