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Daily Themed Crossword November 30 2019 Answers

Baghdad’s country
Surprise police attack
Sandwich meat
Restaurant handout
Lessen as pain
Busy ___ bee: 2 wds.
Present or potent lead-in
Place of detention
Fabric tear
I to a psychologist
The ___ Crown Affair movie starring Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire thief
___ dish (lab item)
___ card (mobile phone insertion)
Plant studied by Gregor Mendel
Irish singer nominated for an Oscar for The Lord of the Rings
List entry
Wizard pal of Ron and Hermione
___ she decides to go… (assuming that): 3 wds.
Tulsa’s state for short
Animal with a collar
Prefix meaning wrong
Republican party: Abbr.
Binds together
The World Is Not ___ movie starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
Ruin the perfection of
Madame Tussauds material
Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida ___
Live ___ action movie starring Pierce Brosnan as a bomb disposal expert
Finished a dish
Grandson of Adam and Eve
Clickable symbol
Negative prefix
Ding in a car
____-to-know basis
As I see it in textspeak: Abbr.
Everybody Hurts band
___ Taylor (fashion store)
A ___ Place thriller movie starring Emily Blunt
Sign up for again
Small battery size
Usual query about a new medication: 3 wds.
New ___ India
Cause damage to
Singapore’s continent
Aids for treasure hunters
___ Owl movie starring Pierce Brosnan about a man who adopts Native American culture
Skip over on purpose
Dante’s ___ movie starring Pierce Brosnan which is a story of survival post a volcanic eruption
Voice of Darth Vader James____ Jones
Vietnamese soup
Pup squeak
Domesticate a wild animal
Yale students informally
Organization with the New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy: Abbr.
Italian pasta sauce option
Congratulatory lead-in to girl or boy
Eyed inappropriately
Graham Bell’s invention
Crocodile Hunter Steve
McGregor of Christopher Robin
International alliance with a phonetic alphabet: Abbr.
Beasts of burden at a farm
Sail support
___ artist (scammer)
Rocks at the bar
Salmon eggs
The World’s ___ science fiction film with a cameo by Pierce Brosnan

  Daily Themed Crossword November 30 2019 Answers