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Daily Themed Crossword November 9 2019 Answers

Bashful like a bride
Santa’s little helper
First three letters of The Alphabet Song
Cousin of an English horn
Olive or coconut extract
___ many cooks spoil the broth.
___ Round (Like a Record) a song by the popular ’80s band Dead or Alive from their album Youthquake: 3 wds.
Archer’s asset
Black gooey road covering substance
Little rock
Oldest smurf
___ Cook bass guitarist for the rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Way in Chinese philosophy
Game with a Wild Draw Four card
It bound Romeo and Juliet together
Song by the ’80s musical duo The Weather Girls from their album Success: 3 wds.
Singer whose song won a Grammy award for the Best R&B Song Miss Independent: Hyph.
Landing approximation: Abbr.
Second aspect of the mind (Freud’s psychoanalysis)
Male sibling informally
Cinderella’s attire
___ Me a song by the popular ’80s band A-Ha from their album Hunting High and Low: 2 wds.
Thurman of Hysterical Blindness
To each his ___
Song by the popular ’80s singer Chris de Burgh from his album Into the Light: 3 wds.
Formerly known as
Hide the truth
Make a left or right
Suffix with chlor or ox
Copper source
Spill the ___! (disclose information)
Sauce that goes with sushi
Sex and the City network: Abbr.
Thee or thou in common lingo
365 billion days in astronomy
Walks with difficulty
Large formation of warships
You can start ___ at a bar: 2 wds.
Go hot like water
___ On Eileen a song by the ’80s band Dexy Midnight Runners from their album Too-Rye-Ay
This in Spanish
___ New Guinea (country where seashells were used as currency till 1933)
Tehran native
Country with Sofia as its capital for short
Small bouquet
Tuna container
Chowed down
Lowest cardinal number
The ___ (1976 supernatural horror film)
Chill out on the couch informally
Brian of Roxy Music
Pajama’s cover-up
One providing assistance after a computer crash: 2 wds.
Watts of King Kong
First Duke of Normandy
Live like radio shows: 2 wds.
I___ Candy a cover version by the ’80s band Bow Wow Wow from their album The Last of the Mohicans
___ Basil singer of the ’80s hit song Mickey from her album Word of Mouth
Joint prone to scraping
Look at Me I’m Sandra ___! (Grease song)
Monotonous routine
Air homophone which means before
Molecule passed on to the offspring: Abbr.

  Daily Themed Crossword November 9 2019 Answers