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This page will show you all Daily Themed Crossword September 30 2019 Answers. This is a famous game created by PlaySimple Games PTE Ltd and has also puzzles which you can continue to solve if you already finished the daily crossword.
Daily Themed Crossword September 30 2019 Answers

Chicken or pheasant
The I in T.G.I.F.
Numbers to crunch
Length times width
Earth-related prefix before thermal
PayPal co-founder ___ Musk
Singer-songwriter whose song Things Have Changed from the movie Wonder Boys won him an Oscar in 2000: 2 wds.
Manager’s helper: Abbr.
Petty officer in the US Navy briefly
Dental cord?
Identified a medical condition say
Actor Idris ___ a.k.a. DJ Big Driis
Netflix series Altered ___
Slimy snail cousin without a shell
Country also called Deutschland for short
Significant stretches in time
Soviet leader Joseph ___
Loch ___ monster
Singer-songwriter whose song Can You Feel the Love Tonight from the movie The Lion King won him an Oscar in 1994: 2 wds.
Small stem from a plant
Hoopster’s sports organization: Abbr.
Music composer and songwriter ___ Menken whose song Under the Sea from the movie The Little Mermaid won him an Oscar in 1989
Singer-songwriter whose song Writing’s on the Wall from the movie Spectre won him an Oscar in 2015: 2 wds.
Salad picking cutlery item
Actress Thurman of The Truth About Cats & Dogs
Light bulb figuratively
Airport announcements: Abbr.
Day that follows the weekend for short
___ generation (ones who come after)
The ___ Four a nickname of the Beatles
Spanish for gold
Charlotte’s creation in a children’s novel
Singer-songwriter whose song Shallow from the movie A Star Is Born won her an Oscar in 2018: 2 wds.
Home that could melt?
Japan’s Matcha or Britain’s Earl Grey
Daughter’s brother
Business agreement
In addition
Something you do with a coin or veggies in a wok
Fire ___ (pests that can sting)
Currency exchanged between two Osakans
Manhattan’s ___ Drive (named after a President): Abbr.
___ Moines (capital of Iowa)
Share a border with
Fragrant trail?
___ nose and throat doctor
The Curious Case of ___ Button
Crossword cookie
American poet Ogden ___
___ Gunderson of The Simpsons
Nine-digit ID: Abbr.
Walking unit
Alexander Pope’s An Essay ___: 2 wds.
Old measurement agency: Abbr.
Free from danger
Piece of property
___ avis (rare bird)
Tattooist’s fluids
Value after addition
Te ___ (Spanish confession)
Suffix with chlor
___-Mex (Southwestern cuisine)
Beach accessory

  Daily Themed Crossword September 30 2019 Answers