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Diplomatic Building for Short Crossword Answers

Starting off with the Diplomatic Building for Short Crossword Clue Answers. This is the answer game guide to help you solve this crossword. We’ve taken the time to solve the answers and bring you the full walkthrough game guide.

Whether you’re here for the College building, for short or the Diplomatic building for short. We’ve got the whole list of answers to help you through this super tough puzzle. Crosswords have been enjoyed for centuries with it’s simplistic gameplay and a great way to keep your brain ticking. Ready to find out what the Diplomatic Building for Short Crossword Answers are? Scroll down.

Diplomatic Building for Short Answers

E M B Diplomatic building, for short
DORM College building, for short
APT House in a building for short
L E E D Certification for eco-friendly buildings, for short
SUPER Head of maintenance in an apartment building, for short
EMBASSY Diplomatic building
EMBASSIES Diplomatic buildings (9)
RINK Venture needing name for small building for gliders? (4)
SHED Simple building for potting or for storing garden tools (4)
AVENUE Tree-lined approach for a building for a gig (6)
ICEHOUSE With those types of blocks, it’s a cold place for Church building for the most part in Ireland (8)
EDIFICE The Empire State Building, for one
COOP Building for housing poultry
CRAFT Model building, for one
INTERN Rent in building for The Apprentice (6)
CHAPEL Building for worship (6)
GAZEBO Small garden building for shade (6)
STUDIO Building for movie-making (6)
CASINO Building for gambling (6)
MORGUE Building for conducting postmortems (6)

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