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Egg Biologically Crossword Clue Answers

Here, We shall be visiting the Egg Biologically Crossword Clue Answers. Today we’ve taken the time to help you solve this tricky puzzler. The answer to Egg Biologically Crossword is Ovule. We’ll discuss further answers and why this is the solution below.

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Egg Biologically Crossword Clue Answers

OVULE Small egg, biologically
OVUM Egg, biologically
OVA Eggs, biologically
OVISACS Egg containers, biologically
STRUCTURALLY CORRECT Biologically correct
ANATOMICALLY CORRECT Biologically correct
MOTILE Capable of getting around, biologically
VELA Curtainlike partitions, biologically
PHYLA Kingdom divisions, biologically
TWINS Most bears, biologically
ECOSYSTEMS Biologically-interactive communities of organisms
ACARI Ticks, biologically
EGEST Cast off, biologically
MUTATED Changed biologically
OSMOSE Seep through, biologically
ADNATE Biologically attached
IN UTERO Developing, biologically
ORA Mouths, biologically
BIONICS *Biologically inspired
SETA Bristle, biologically

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