False Rumor Crossword Clue Puzzle Answers

False Rumor Crossword Clue Puzzle Answers. Solving this puzzle was tricky but with our help we can do it together. The answer to False Rumor Crossword Puzzle is: Canard. If this doesn’t line up, then use our other answers below to this crossword clue.

Playing crosswords is a fun way to pass the time and get so much needed brain function time. Keep it working but testing your knowledge on this puzzles. There’s 20 possible answers to False Rumor Crossword Clue. Using American style, British Style and General Knowledge answers. We come up with these solutions.

False Rumor Crossword Puzzle Answers

CANARD False rumour
RELIEF Freedom from anxiety as judge suppresses false rumour (6)
LIMEADE False rumour about honey drink being something suitable for children? (7)
SARDINE CANARD False rumor about seafood?
TALE False rumor
CANARDS False rumours
SERUM ‘False rumours about blood component (5)’
ASPERSE Spread false rumours about
HEARD “I ___ a Rumour” (Bananarama hit)
IDLE Groundless, as a rumour
BANANA RAMA They heard a rumour
HAS “Rumour __ It”: Adele song
ADELE Mononymous “Rumour Has It” singer
GET WIND OF Hear rumour about
ON DIT Rumour involving duke’s drunk sex
IDLE GOSSIP Groundless rumour that there’s unemployment?
TITTLE TATTLED Spread rumour (6-7)
NOISOME Offensive rumour about title (7)
SWORD Second rumour concerning Excalibur, perhaps (5)

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