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First Duke of Normandy Crossword Clue Answers

First Duke of Normandy Crossword Clue Answers to help you solve this crossword clue. The time has been taken to help you complete the First Duke of Normandy Crossword Answers and Solutions. Crossword puzzles have been used for decades to help people like you and me cure boredom.

First Duke of Normandy Crossword Clue is a great puzzle that has got everyone scratching their heads. Do you think you might know what the solution is? Why not use our table below and try and solve them puzzle on your own.

Below is a list of all possible answers for this crossword clue. Whether you’re puzzle requires a certain amount of letters we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump into the First Duke of Normandy Crossword Answers to all crossword clues.

First Duke of Normandy Crossword Clue Answers

ROLLO First Duke of Normandy
WILLIAM — I, Duke of Normandy crowned King of England on Christmas Day in 1066 (7)
ROBERT I Duke of Normandy who was called “the Devil”
JOHN CHURCH ILL First Duke of Marlborough
NELL GWYN Royal mistress whose elder son became the first Duke of St Albans (4,4)
MARLBOROUGH The first duke of which, John Churchill, had famous victories over Louis XIV’s France (11)
JOHN OF GAUNT The 1st Duke of Lancaster; son of Edward III and father of Henry IV (4,2,5)
CONNAUGHT Son of Queen Victoria who was Governor General of Canada from 1911 to 1916: Prince Arthur, 1st Duke
IRON DUKE Nickname of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (4,4)
ARABELLA CHURCHILL Elder sister of 1st Duke of Marlborough (8,9)
ARTHUR WELLESLEY Actual name of the 1st Duke of Wellington (6,9)
BLENHEIM Palace built for the 1st Duke of Marlborough (8)
WELLESLEY Arthur —, 1st Duke of Wellington, Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman (9)
BRONTE King Ferdinand made Horatio Nelson 1st duke of this Sicilian town in 1799 (6)
STEWARDS Attendants in St Edward’s ignore first duke (8)
KNEELED King irritated when first duke goes prepared for knighthood? (7)
STEWARD The Confessor, perhaps, dismissing first Duke as royal servant
ALTITUDE You are given a title – the first duke to reach such heights (8)
WICKET MAIDENS Appalling misses with time erasing first Duke’s successful sporting stints
FIRST Foremost duke entertaining king

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