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Follows the Trail Crossword Clue Answers

Here’s the Follows the Trail Crossword Clue Answers to all possible combinations and sequences. Today we’ll be solving the Follows the Trail Crossword Answers to help you complete this tricky level. There’s a ton of possible solutions that your crossword may need, Use our list below to find out the correct one. The higher the answer the more likely it’s correct.

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Follows the Trail Crossword Clue Answers

TRACK Follow the trail
HIKE Follow the trail
SHERIFF He follows the trail of the lawless, if fresh (7)
TRAIL Follow the track, or lag behind (5)
TRACED Followed the trail of
HIKED Followed the trail
TRACKED Followed the trail, …
TRACT Followed the trail, we hear, for this region (5)
RIDGE The Blue ___ Mountains Of Virginia, location sung about in the Laurel and Hardy song The Trail Of Th
T BAR It’ll get you to the top of the trail
TEARS The Trail of ___ National Historic Trail, which passes through Kentucky
OREGON Pioneers’ route across the American South-West, the … Trail

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