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Forces Padre Crossword Clue Puzzles Answers

Forces Padre Crossword Clue Answers All Puzzles. We’re today solving all the possible combinations to help you complete this tricky crossword clue. Whether you’re playing crosswords on mobile, desktop, pc, newspaper or a book. We’ve got all the solutions to help you complete your crossword journey.

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Forces Padre Crossword Answers

Rank Word Clue
95% CHAPLAIN Forces padre
3% TROOPS Military forces
3% UNITES Joins forces
3% OUSTS Forces out
2% ACRE Crusader stronghold, captured by Mamluk forces in 1291
2% SERVICEMAN Male in armed forces
2% BERET Special Forces cap
2% ENLISTEDMAN Bloke in forces set landmine off
2% TABLEAU Dramatic scene of forces off the Beaufort Scale
2% SASHES Bands of elite forces protecting the girl
2% DDAY When the Allied forces invaded Normandy
2% NAVAL Like the forces of an armada
2% NAVIES Maritime forces
2% UNITE Join forces
2% MERGE Join forces in summer get-together
2% PARADE Padre arranged to host a procession
2% TORQUES Rotational forces
2% FATHER Padre
2% REV Padre

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