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French Impressionists Crossword Clue Answers

The French Impressionists Crossword Clue Answers. Struggling to play your crossword game and can’t get past the French Impressionists Crossword Clue? Next we’ll be solving the levels and solutions to help you get through this one and move onto the next.

Crosswords are an age old game that’s been around for a long time. There’s a reason why, because it’s plain old addicting. Test your knowledge and keep your brain working as you try and solve the crossword solutions.

Our goal today is to help you solve them and continue onto the puzzle. You may have stumbled upon this page if you’ve been given a few different clues French Impressionists crossword. Check out the solutions below.

French Impressionists Crossword Answers

CASSATT US artist who moved to Paris where she became friends with Edgar Degas and exhibited her paintings with the French Impressionists (7)
MANET Edouard ___, French painter whose works include Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe and Olympia and who heavily influenced the Impressionists. (5)
RENOIR Pierre-Auguste, French painter born in Limoges in 1841 associated with the Impressionists (6)
TICS Impressionists exaggerate them
MONET Impressionists painter
IMITATORS Impressionists
EASEL Stand for Impressionists?
MIMICS Impressionists, on stage
APERCUS Copper found in impressionists’ briefs(7)
APERS Impressionists
HOKUSAI Japanese artist whose colour wood-block prints influenced the impressionists (7)
BOYS 19th century group of painters called Scotland’s Impressionists (7,4)
GLASGOW 19th century group of painters called Scotland’s Impressionists (7,4)
REINVESTIGATED Foremost of impressionists in Tate deserving somehow to be looked at again (14)
MORISOT Depicted with violets in a portrait by Edouard Manet and married to Eugene Manet, the artist who created The Cradle, At the Ball and Summer Day who was the first woman to join the Impressionists (7)
IMITATION Check if leader’s ignored art of impressionists
PLEIN AIR Like impressionists’ work? Mr Goodman retains one in two (5-3)
DEAD RINGERS A showcase for impressionists, broadcast on both Radio 4 and BBC2
APERY Impressionist’s skill
CASSATTR ECORDER Impressionist’s instrument?

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