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Fruitless Undertaking Crossword Answers

We’ll be solving the Fruitless Undertaking Crossword Clue answers. Stuck playing your crossword game and can’t get past the Fruitless Undertaking Crossword Answer? We’ll be solving the levels and solutions to help you get through this one and move onto the next.

Playing crosswords can be a whole lot of fun and there’s a reason why they’ve been around for centuries. You can pass the time by letting loose on a crossword puzzle. You may however come across some clues that you just honestly don’t know the answer to.

Our goal today is to help you solve them and continue onto the puzzle. You may have stumbled upon this page if you’ve been given a few different clues ranging from fruitless undertaking to objects of fruitless chase. Check out the solutions below.

Fruitless Undertaking Crossword Answers

FOOLS ERRAND Fruitless undertaking
FOOL Fruitless undertaking (5,6)
BLIND ALLEY Fruitless undertaking
ERRAND Fruitless task, fool’s …
SHINY OBJECT Metaphorical target of a fruitless pursuit
IN A HAYSTACK Where you might conduct a long and fruitless search for a needle (2,1,8)
A FOOLS Fruitless venture (1,5,6)
WILD GOOSE CHASE Fruitless quest, useless search (4-5,5)
ORANGE FREE STATE Former British colony in fruitless situation? (6,4,5)
FLOGS A DEAD HORSE Continues to engage in fruitless activity (5,1,4,5)
AT STRAWS Resort to a fruitless remedy in desperation (6,2,6)
CLUTCH Resort to a fruitless remedy in desperation (6,2,6)
A WILD GOOSE CHASE Pursuit of unrestrained nursery rhyme Mother in a fruitless search for what doesn’t exist? (1,4,5,5)
RISKS IT Dares rest after initially fruitless search (5,2)
WILD GOOSE Object of fruitless chase (4,5)

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