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Great Outbursts Crossword Clue Answers

Great Outbursts Crossword Clue Answers to all possible combinations and sequences. Today we’ll be solving the Great Outbursts Crossword Answers to help you complete this tricky level. There’s a ton of possible solutions that your crossword may need, Use our list below to find out the correct one. The higher the answer the more likely it’s correct.

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Great Outbursts Crossword Clue Answers

OVATIONS Great outbursts of applause (8)
TERRIFIC Great outburst about keeping sin in check to start with (8)
TANTRUMS Childish fits of rage; outbursts of bad temper (8)
LEGALESE General stifles outbursts of lawyers’ jargon (8)
SPITFIRE One who is given to outbursts of spiteful temper (8)
RAMPAGES Outbursts of angry and riotous behaviour
FLARE UPS Outbursts of violence
SALVO Outburst of applause for number of shots from Arsenal (5)
OVATION Outburst of applause (7)
PAROXYSM Sudden outburst, of coughing say (8)
SONDHEIM Scorer’s outburst of hedonism? (8)
EFFUSION Outburst of sound rising, swamping very loud Unionist (8)
DIATRIBE Outburst of verbal abuse (8)
MOUTHFUL Outburst of strong language (8)
BENEFITS What may have been slashed, outburst of rage ensuing? (8)
SERGEANT In an outburst of anger, lay about the soldier (8)
HYSTERIA Outburst of wild emotion

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