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Green and Leafy Crossword Clue Answers

Green and Leafy Crossword Clue Answers is on todays agenda. We’ve taken the time to solve the answers to help you complete your crossword game. The below answers are what you may find the answer to be. Whether you enjoy playing crosswords on your Phone, Tablet, PC, Newspaper or books. We’ve got the answers to help you solve them.

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Green and Leafy Crossword Answers

HERBACEOUS Green and leafy (10)
VEG Shortened root, salad and leafy green edibles, among others, as in five gherkins! (3)
LUSH Verdant and leafy (4)
RHIZOME An underground stem producing roots and leafy shoots (7)
PILCHARDS Some fish and leafy vegetable served in beer (9)
ASCORBIC ACID Vitamin C, found especially in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables (8,4)
HOSTA Popular leafy perennial (with the common name of plantain lily) often with green and 1 down leaves (5)
STAPELEY Hamlet two miles south of Nantwich; the parish includes Broad Lane and Butt Green, and parts of Artle Brook, Haymoor Green and Howbeck Bank (8)
CAMOUFLAGE Green and brown on a green and brown background, say? (10)
CAMO Fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan.
BRERETON District of Cheshire East, including ___ Heath, Smethwick Green and Davenport; notable landmarks include ___ Hall, a Grade I listed Elizabethan house, and The Bear’s Head pub on ___ Green (8)
AM BAD “I’m mean and green, and I ___” (“Little Shop of Horrors” lyric)
TO GO Its flag has green and yellow stripes and a white star in a red field
YELLOW Between green and orange and capable of running (6)
SMELTS Small, green and silver fish allied to salmon and used as food
INDIA With a saffron, green and white national flag, a country whose symbols include the Bengal tiger, banyan tree, lotus and mango (5)
KELP REVIEWS “It’s green and slimy” and “It tastes like the ocean”?
PEANUT Is it round and green and found in a shell? (6)
TASKET “…a ___, a green and yellow…”
NIGERIA #5: W Africa, green and white

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