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Group Self Pic in Slang Crossword Clue Answers

Group Self Pic in Slang Crossword Clue Answers. Struggling to play your crossword game and can’t get past the Group Self Pic in Slang Crossword Clue? Next we’ll be solving the levels and solutions to help you get through this one and move onto the next.

Crosswords are an age old game that’s been around for a long time. There’s a reason why, because it’s plain old addicting. Test your knowledge and keep your brain working as you try and solve the crossword solutions.

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Group Self Pic in Slang Crossword Answers

WE FIE Group self-pic, in slang
FOTO Picture, in slang
RESPECTABILITY A type of “politics” which refers to marginalized groups self-policing in order to be more palatable to oppressor groups
CINE Motion picture, in France
SPRINT Second, with photograph, in race
STILL Photograph in silence (5)
PAGE THREE Call for RE in article appropriate for exposure in tabloid?
TELE Kind of rocker exposure, in the UK
AIRING Exposure in this cupboard given to laundry
PHOTOSENSITIVE Affected by exposure in Sun, being camera-shy?
SUNBURN Painful exposure in paper is almost overdone (7)
PHOTO Exposure in river is very warm (5)
IN A FLASH How photograph in the dark is taken immediately? (2,1,5)
ENHANCE Command given to sharpen a grainy digital photograph, in TV crime drama tropes
PIG SCONCE Old blockhead and general staff seen in photo in the old days
STAT Photo in a magazine office
PIC Photo, in a roto
BEFORE Photo in ads
TINTYPE Photo in an old album
SEPIA Photo in brown

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