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Like a Frappuccino Crossword Clue Answers

Here’s the answers to the Like a Frappuccino Crossword Clue Answers to all clues. We bring you a full walkthrough game guide to help you solve the solutions to this crossword clue. The answer to Like a Frappuccino Crossword is ICED. If you need to know more potential answers, than keep on reading.

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Like a Frappuccino Crossword Clue Answers

ICED Like a Frappuccino
STAR BUCKS MENU It has secret items like the Skittles Frappuccino
STRAW Frappuccino accessory
MOCHA Frappuccino flavoring
CHAI ___ Creme Frappuccino (spicy Starbucks drink)
GRANDE Frappuccino size
ICE Frappuccino ingredient
ENJOYED Liked a lot, like an album
ERA A pitcher likes a low one
IMAGINE Fancy a title for a Lennon song
DAILY GRIND A miller no doubt likes a rest from it!
BUTT Sir Mix-a-Lot likes a big one and he cannot lie
OARSMAN A Romans wrestling someone who likes a row (7)
PINT Fancy a drink? You can buy a __ of lager at the Rovers or the Queen Vic! (4)
LANGUE DE CHAT Fancy a lunch date with e.g. a French cookie? (6,2,4)
GUERNICA Fancy a nice rug, a great work of art?
ATE UP Liked a lot
ADORED Liked a lot
WAS INTO Liked a lot
ATE Liked a lot, with “up”

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