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M in SMS for Short Crossword Clue Answers

Taking a look at the M in SMS for Short Crossword Clue Answers. Solved and completed is what we say to this clue that we honestly had trouble ourselves solving. If you were anywhere close to the actual answers, Let us know in the comments below.

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M in SMS for Short Crossword Clue Answers

Rank Word Clue
95% MINI Prefix meaning ‘small’
95% OMNI Prefix meaning ”all”
95% TRI Prefix meaning ‘three’
95% ETHNO Prefix meaning “people”
95% SENSE Intuitively understand meaning
95% NEO Prefix meaning ‘new’
95% UNI Prefix meaning ‘one’
89% NANO Prefix meaning ‘super-tiny’
89% SAVE Floppy disk icon’s meaning
89% SPIRO Prefix meaning ”coil”
89% TEXT SMS exchange
89% LOL SMS interjection
89% OMG SMS exclamation
83% ARI Name meaning ‘lion’ in Hebrew
83% LIFE Meaning of the prefix ‘bio’
83% NONSENSE Having no intelligible meaning
83% ELI Hebrew name meaning ‘ascent’
83% SEMI Prefix meaning ‘half’
83% ANTONYM Opposite in meaning
83% DING Sound meaning ”Correct!”

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