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Macau Attraction Crossword Clue Answers

Macau Attraction Crossword Clue Answers all possible combinations. This is the answer game guide to help you solve this crossword. We’ve taken the time to solve the answers and bring you the full walkthrough game guide for Macau Attraction Crossword Clue.

Whether you’re here for the Penny, in Macau or the Macau Attraction. We’ve got the whole list of answers to help you through this super tough puzzle. Crosswords have been enjoyed for centuries with it’s simplistic gameplay and a great way to keep your brain ticking. Ready to find out what the Macau Attraction Crossword Answers are? Scroll down.

Macau Attraction Crossword Answers

A V O Penny, in Macau
ASIA Macau is considered part of it
CANTONESE Macau characters
ASIAN From Macau or Hong Kong
CAMOUFLAGE Cover Macau golf out east (10)
Y U E Which Cantonese language is spoken in Macau? (3)
AUTOMATIC Type of gun: transport it to Macau (9)
POLITICAL ASYLUM Refuge provided by Macau? Silly move after cutback, it appears (9,6)
MAINLAND The rest of China, to Hong Kong and Macau
AUDIO Macau diocese at the centre of hearing (5)
PEARL RIVER DELTA Dense megalopolis that includes Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou [Greek alphabet]
PATACA Basic unit of currency in Macau (6)
AVOS Macao money
I M PEI Macao Science Center designer
CHINA LETTER Missive from Macao?
AMAH Nursemaid from Macao
SHERATON Its Macao hotel has 4,001 guest rooms and suites
AVOWEDLY Join in currencies from Macao, Turkey and Japan as has been said (8)
RETAMAS Couple in Macao maybe running up brooms and the like
DRAW Audience attracter

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