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Male Kangaroos Crossword Clue Answers

Male Kangaroos Crossword Clue Answers. This is the page to get all your crossword answering needs. We’ve taken the time to help you solve and complete these tricky crossword puzzles. Today we’re covering the Male Kangaroos Crossword Answers and Solutions. This puzzle may seem easy but it’s rather tricky, Use our guide below for the solutions.

Crosswords are an age old game that haven millions addicted. Simply solve the word as you’ve been given a clue as a guide. You’re bound to not know every word, This is why we’re here to help you finish the puzzle and continue on. Get ready to dive into the Male Kangaroos Crossword Answers to all levels.

Male Kangaroos Crossword Clue Answers

MUSCLES Male kangaroos flex their bicep ___ to attract a mate
BOOMER Male kangaroo
BUCK Male kangaroo
ROOSTER Some kangaroos terrify male fowl (7)
HOPS Apes kangaroos
EUROS Big kangaroos
COURTS Kangaroos
COLD HOPPERS Kangaroos at the South Pole?
JUMPERS Kangaroos, at times
SYSTEMS Kangaroos
HER VOROUS Like kangaroos
BIPEDS Kangaroos and humans, e.g.
MAMMALS Cougars and kangaroos
LEAPERS Frogs and kangaroos
INBOUNDS How kangaroos travel?
MARSUPIALS Koalas and kangaroos
DINGO Hunter of wallabies and kangaroos
JOEYS Tiny kangaroos
NERKA Fish swallowed by thinner kangaroos (5)

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