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Matted Wool Fabric Crossword Clue Answers

We’ve stumbled on the answers to Matted Wool Fabric Crossword Clue Answers and bring you the full puzzle breakdown and solution. If you need help solving this clue then stay tuned for the solutions. The Crossword Clue Matted Wool Fabric Crossword came up with 20 answers.

We use a mix of British Style, American Style and General Knowledge to bring you these solutions. Some are user generated. If you just need to solve this crossword clue, Then scroll down to the answers. Here’s the Matted Wool Fabric Crossword Answers.

Matted Wool Fabric Crossword Clue Answers

Rank Word Clue
95% SHAG Matted wool
90% FELT Matted fabric
78% SHEARERS Wool cutters
78% EWES Wool sources
78% LLAMA Wool source
78% SHEARS Wool clippers
78% ANGORA Silky wool
78% STEEL ___ wool
74% MATERIAL Cloth, fabric
74% ORLON Synthetic fabric
74% KHAKI Military fabric
74% TWILL Ribbed fabric
74% SHEAR Clip wool from
74% SOSPAD Steel-wool scrubber
74% WOOL Worsted fabric
74% NYLON Synthetic fabric
74% GOSSAMER Delicate fabric
74% CHINO Pants fabric
74% DAMASK Tablecloth fabric
74% SHEARER Wool cutter

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