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Microwaved Food Crossword Clue Answers

Microwaved Food Crossword Clue Answers is on todays agenda. We’ve taken the time to solve the answers to help you complete your crossword game. The below answers are what you may find the answer to be. Whether you enjoy playing crosswords on your Phone, Tablet, PC, Newspaper or books. We’ve got the answers to help you solve them. Microwaved Food Crossword Answers all clues.

Featuring many solutions below, We’ve gathered all the possible solutions and Microwaved Food Crossword answers to help you solve all the possible combinations. Playing crosswords can be a whole ton of fun. You can find answers to more games and crossword throughout our site here on

Microwaved Food Crossword Answers

HEATEDMicrowaved (food)
ATE INHad microwaved leftovers, say
ZAPPEDMicrowaved, or hit with a laser
RAMENOften-microwaved noodles
NUKEDMicrowaved, slangily
PEEPSEaster treats that puff up when microwaved
TREY BUBBLESWhat happens when a low-value playing card is microwaved?
SMEWPerhaps baste round front of microwaved duck
MICROWAVE OVENAn oven that uses microwave to cook or heat food (9,4)
ACT I IBrand of microwave popcorn
AMANABrand of microwave
L S TCook in a microwave
ZAPCook with a microwave
NUKECook in a microwave
NUKESCooks, in a microwave oven
ZAPSCooks in a microwave

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